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Grid of the Future

Our current grid, although reliable is due for an upgrade. The grid of the future will create flexibility and strength over vastly more area. Although this transition may not be something you notice immediately. Your active engagement in personal power production will help every individual using a wall outlet in the future. Check out the video below for more detail.  

What's in your Solar System

Solar Panel

Solar is the foundation of any solar system of course, that's why we've started here. Solar panels when purchased can range from 200w to around 300w. The panels are tied together in multiple ways to increase the panels current, or its voltage.


Inverters are the other essential to a solar system. Inverters take the Direct Current Volts from the solar panels and convert that over to something you can actually use!

These are your two most integral components of a typical home solar system. Other components include racking, wiring, and emergency power disconnects.  Unlike many solar companies, we work with many solar distributors to provide you with the equipment that will suit your particular situation, including the below and more. 

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