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Edmond Sunburst Logistico

Renewable Energy Solutions, Consulting, O&M, Design

Solar, Wind, Hydro, Battery Storage

Our solutions fit our clients needs and individual situations. 


Our Story

Edmond Sunburst Logistoco is a partnership bread from the growing need of flexibility in our power supply for our customers homes and commercial facilities. Our dependency on fossil fuels has created financial constraints to growth. We want to help alleviate that constraint by providing financially feasible, reliable, and long lasting solutions.  

Sunburst Logistico 

Sunburst Logistico R&D Ltd is a Jamaican registered company with very deep knowledge and alliances with companies in the alternative energy sector, its wide ranging and deep relationships across sectors has placed it in a position to collaborate with major local and international entities to execute major projects in the infrastructure, agribusiness, alternative energy sectors all underpinned by strong ESGs focus. With innovation, agility and experienced management personnel Sunburst is now placed at the intersection of major mega trends impacting a world and its climate whose ecosystems have been disrupted and as such lends itself to be a impact creator in the drive for equilibrium. Our principals and management have occupied very senior positions in the public and private sector and are now coalesced around assisting in the fight for the planet. The actives of alternative energy, agribusiness though for profit operates with a global view with a mandate of making greatest possible impact.

Edmonds Energy Solutions

Edmonds Energy Solutions is a consulting and installations firm of renewable energy sources. Our goals are to provide our clients with solutions to power their homes, businesses, rural outposts, etc. We focus our solutions on clean energy sources including solar, hydro, and wind. We look to solve energy issues for the most complicated situations.  

Environmental     Social     Governance

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Human Rights

Labour Standards

Health and Safety

Employee Development

Supply Chain Standards


Environmental Policy

Environmental Performance

Climate Change


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As we plan our individual projects and change the grid of tomorrow, we constantly are focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance concerns. We implement these characteristics into each step we take. We help guide our clients through E.S.G processes and ensure that our installations will create core differences in each category. 


Corporate governance

Code of Ethics

Bribery and Corruption

Death Penalty

Military Expenses

Our Difference

End to End Service

Including grid tied and facilitation with licensing. We also offer electrical inspections and certifications to ensure compliance with JPS and MSET.  By virtue of utilizing our solutions, significant carbon offsets are created which with impact to the companies ESG and corporate standards. 

·       Facilitation of Approvals for Net Metering

·       24/7 Remote Monitoring of all Equipment (charging, solar, etc)

·       Guided enhancements of client ESG profile

Quality Products / Unique Solutions

Our systems afford owners certainty of the availability of electricity during storms, power cuts, and any other events. 

By virtue of our alliance with TESLA, Enphase, and other original equipment manufacturers, we can bring to the table best in class technology, support, and solutions. This gives us reliability quality and assured standards.

·       Wind                                            *Generators

·       Water                                           *Battery Solutions

·       Solar                                            *Quality Monitoring

·       Hydrogen                                    *General Electrical Services

Engineering and Technicians

We work with the best to provide the best service. Our engineers and technicians are highly experienced in the field and have worked throughout the Caribbean and throughout the world on various clean energy projects.

  • Large pool of available engineers and technicians

  • In country training of local technicians to international specifications for integrating locally and internationally.

Charging Infrastructure

  • We provide charging infrastructure that has been proven in the field worldwide.

  • Our charging solutions are installed and monitored by our team to allow for real time maintenance.

Battery Solutions

  • We provide our customers with premier battery storage solutions to fit their direct energy needs. 

  • Our solutions are unique to each site and allow our customers the option to grow their system as their needs grow. 

  • Our battery systems are easy to integrate, update, and maintain. Our monitoring solutions enable our clients see their usage in real time.


By virtue of our alliances and strong working relationships, we are able to facilitate financing and financial solutions for our clients in different segments of the energy market. 

EV Charging

We provide both grid tied and battery supported, solar charged stand alone systems. 


Strategic alliances with insurance companies ensures that our installations and systems are insured.  

Superior installations to deal with the most extreme weather events.

Hybrid Microgrids

We build and manage hybrid microgrid solutions. Both grid tied systems and islanding solutions. 


Battery Energy Storage System capabilities for storage and grid stability at various levels that incorporate a strong technology backbone.  

Our Clients



Hodges 1.5MW


500+ New Residential Homes (expected build date 2027)


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